About Us


Najam Roots is an opportunity for our children to learn their essentials and develop a connection with the masjid and their peers.

Najam Roots offers flexible and customizable long term, youth development program dedicated to nurturing the talents and dreams of the Ummah. Najam Roots offers solutions through our curriculum of  Islamic education for students, educators, schools, institutions and masjids.

All programs and curriculum options that are offered by Najam Roots are based off of Safar Publications, which is founded by Shaykh Hassan Ali in 1998 and has been growing with the vision of making the learning and teaching of Islamic education more engaging, effective and innovative day by day.


To provide a safe, Islamic environment with capable staff teaching a curriculum developed by scholars. They will learn to recite the Qur’an with an emphasis on basic teachings of Islam that will help them to become good practicing Muslims.

We execute our objectives by  providing an Islamic environment to help detox children from the culture of public schools. We believe that the best way of learning is in a classroom environment with an English speaking teacher face to face. We want our children to be good, practicing Muslims. To achieve this, we teach Islamic Studies and provide a practical Islamic role- model and environment.


Najam Roots is the youth development unit of Najam Institute, a non-political educational institute based in Atlanta, GA , designed specifically for education of school aged children in pious environments to advance in Islamic knowledge.