Our Four Areas of Focus

In this component, important aspects of Islamic knowledge are taught, such as:

  • Fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence; the rules and practices we follow in Islam)
  • Aqīdah (learning and understanding Islamic beliefs)
  • Sīrah (The biography of the Prophet Muḥammad, peace be upon him, and its relevance)
  • Islamic history, spanning the lives of all the previous Prophets as well as major events of importance.
  • Ādāb (Islamic manners and etiquette essential to a moral and rewarding life)

These topics are not only taught to cover classical knowledge but their contemporary applications and implications are explored and explained in detail. This makes the study of Islamic studies at Najam Roots a subject that is very relevant to our students in their everyday lives. Our aim is to develop our students into upright and knowledgeable Muslims who will be a source of benefit to themselves, families and the wider community.

In addition, through our teachings we ensure children are taught to respect and have tolerance for other people and other religions and beliefs as well as respecting the rule of law. We encourage pupils to take an active part in the wider community and society.

At Najam Roots, a great deal of importance is given to the correct recitation of the Qurʿān. The first stage of this is learning how to read the Arabic script. This is done by means of teaching the Arabic alphabets and rules of basic pronunciation using a text known as the Qāʿidah. Through our years of experience in teaching this, we have found the need to develop a Qāʿidah that combines the best of all other Qāʿidahs and is more suited to the needs of students whose native tongue is not Arabic.

Every care is taken to explain to the students each stage of learning to read Arabic. Next, more complex rules of reading and reciting (Tajwīd) are taught.

Students memorize Juz ʿAmma and various duʿās every week at Najam Root. The emphasis is on quality of recitation rather than quantity.

Children are molded by their environment. When they spend most of their days surrounded by non-Islamic influences, shouldn’t we give them time to counteract those with Islamic values? With Najam Roots, they spend their time in the most loved places by Allah – the masajid.

Sometimes, our curriculum is offered in other settings outside of the masajids, however our staff is instructed to ALWAYS provide an environment of piety while upholding the best of Islamic ideals. Our children may not always be in this environment, but we hope to expose them to it so they can always carry it with them.